Socso hopes for auto-registry system for taxi and e-hailing drivers

Socso chief executive Mohammed Azman Aziz.

PETALING JAYA: Socso chief executive Mohammed Azman Aziz is hoping that the registration for the Self-Employment Social Security Scheme can be done through an auto-registry in the future.

He said such a system was better as it was very hard to get taxi drivers and e-hailing drivers to subscribe to the scheme now.

“The main challenge is to get them to understand the importance of having Socso protection for them and their dependents.

“At the moment, they view this exercise as a burden and don’t see the value of such protection.

“Yes, in future, we hope there will be auto-registration but we have to overcome some difficulties in implementation first,” he told FMT.

Azman said 378 warning letters had been issued to those who had failed to sign up for the scheme. There are 59,169 active taxi and e-hailing drivers.

Out of those who received the warning notices, 190 had subscribed to the scheme.

The government has extended the grace period for registration several times since its implementation in June 2017.

Azman previously had instructed his enforcement officers to issue warning letters to drivers found to have not signed up for the scheme.