Penang immigration dept denies rough treatment by officers

Penang immigration director Muhamad Husni Mahmud says the incident was triggered by Indonesian workers.

BUTTERWORTH: The Penang Immigration Department has denied that its officers were rough and had slapped an Indonesian worker during an integrated operation in Seberang Prai three days ago.

Its director Muhamad Husni Mahmud said he had led the investigation and it was found that his officers did not hit the Indonesian worker as alleged.

“No such thing happened. On the other hand, the Indonesian workers themselves had triggered the incident,” he told Bernama.

He said the worker’s employer had also contacted him and would be meeting him next week to apologise.

He said he had always reminded officers involved in such operations to avoid provocation and to control their emotions while on duty.

On Thursday, a Facebook account holder using the name Dewi Kholifah, believed to be an Indonesian national, uploaded a 28-second video together with eight photographs showing the raid being carried out, claiming that the officers had manhandled the worker.