Turn yourself in, Anwar tells aide

Farhash Wafa Salvador (right), Anwar Ibrahim’s political secretary, is wanted by police over his alleged involvement in a brawl in Ampang.

PETALING JAYA: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has urged his political secretary Farhash Wafa Salvador to surrender himself to police, who are seeking to question him over a brawl at a sports complex last Saturday.

“He should,” Anwar told reporters today after speaking at an anti-corruption forum organised by the International Strategy Institute (ISI) today.

“Notwithstanding the withdrawal of the police report, I think he must meet the police. He has been advised.”

Yesterday, Selangor CID chief Fadzil Ahmat said police had failed to trace Farhash, whom they identified as one of the suspects in the brawl.

“We are ordering him to turn himself in,” he said in a statement.

The fight involving about a dozen men took place at the Arena All Stars Sports Complex at Taman Dagang Permai, Ampang.

Farhash, who has denied involvement in the incident, said he was willing to give his full cooperation to the police if needed.

Police said three suspects who are Muay Thai trainers had turned themselves in.