Minister wants Sarawak to explain why PPR units are priced 10% higher

People’s Housing Project (PPR) units in the peninsula are priced around RM42,000. (Bernama pic)

KUCHING: The federal government has not received feedback from the Sarawak state government on the issue over People’s Housing Project (PPR) units being sold at much higher prices than in the peninsula.

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said she had called on the state government to adjust the housing prices during her previous visit to the state.

“It’s not logical to build the house at a certain cost only to raise the price and save the money … that’s not right.

“We built the houses to make them accessible to the people, so when you raise the prices further, it would burden the people.

“We have urged them to consider but to date they have not responded to the ministry’s request,” she told reporters when asked to comment further on the matter here today.

She had earlier revealed the matter when delivering her keynote address at the Sarawak Pakatan Harapan Women’s Convention, which was held for the first time here .

According to Zuraida, the price of PPR housing units in the peninsula was around RM42,000 but the same type of houses were being sold 10% higher in Sarawak.

When asked about the special Cabinet meeting held yesterday, Zuraida said, among other things, each ministry was directed to present their respective papers on ways to achieve the Shared Prosperity Vision 2021-2030.

“We at the ministry are currently working on this,” she said.

In a statement issued by the economic affairs ministry, the “Shared Prosperity Vision” is the new hope and agenda for the future of Malaysia as the foundation to unite the nation.

The vision outlines the aspirations of Malaysians to achieve a reasonable standard of living by 2030.