Penang man stabbed to death outside Songkhla apartment

BANGKOK: A 46-year-old man from Penang was stabbed to death by a security guard during a fight in Sadao, Songkhla, southern Thailand, at 2am this morning.

Sadao police investigator Capt Pairote Wongtawin said the guard had claimed that the victim had tried to enter the apartment without an access card.

He said the victim had allegedly tailed a local woman to the apartment and tried to force open the glass door.

“The suspect, who was on duty, told the victim to stop. However, a fight ensued which ended with the victim being stabbed. The suspect claimed he was punched by the victim first, which forced him to stab the man in stomach,” Pairote told Bernama.

He said the victim was pronounced dead at the Sadao Hospital. The victim’s brother arrived today to claim the body, and it is expected to be flown to Penang tomorrow, said Pairote.

He said the guard waited at the crime scene before surrendering to the police. He has been charged with murder and could be sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty.