2 men killed in Batu Arang police shootout are wanted gang members, say cops

PETALING JAYA: Police revealed that two out of the three men who died in a shootout yesterday after a 7km car chase at Batu Arang, Selangor, were wanted gang members.

In a statement today, Selangor police said further investigations into the incident found that Thavaselvan Govindasamy and Mahendran Santhira Segaran were members of the 08 gang in Rawang.

Police added that there were 23 reports lodged against Thavaselvan at various police stations.

It said the third man, Vijayaratnam Janarthanan, a Sri Lankan national, had overstayed his visa.

In the statement, police again maintained that the shooting, which resulted in the deaths of all three suspects, was an act of self-defence as one of the men had opened fire at police first.

“During the chase, police heard a few shots coming from the direction of the car.

“When the car reached a sharp turn, the car driven by a suspect swerved and hit the divider.

“The suspect exited the vehicle and again fired a few shots in the direction of police and attacked the police using a machete,” the statement said.

It was reported that police had ordered a car carrying the three men to pull over at Bandar Country Homes, but they ignored the order, and sped off with police in hot pursuit.

Family members said Janarthanan’s wife, Moganambal Govindasamy, was also present during the incident and is now missing.

However, Selangor police chief Noor Azam Jamaluddin denied this, saying there were only three men and no woman in the car.