Duo get a day’s jail for fighting in public

A video of the fight between the two men at the Bukit Kiara toll plaza was widely shared on social media. (Twitter pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Two men involved in a scuffle at the Bukit Kiara toll plaza here recently were jailed a day and fined RM1,000 each by a magistrate’s court here today.

A video of the fight was spread widely over social media.

Magistrate Noorasyikin Sahat meted out the sentence against information technology manager Ng Whye Hoong, 38, and trader Mohamad Fazrien Mohd Ziear, 30, after they pleaded guilty to committing the offence of fighting in public.

The court also ordered the duo to be jailed one month each if they failed to pay the fine. Both men paid the fines.

They both committed the offence at the Bukit Kiara toll plaza at 4.30pm on Sept 17 and were charged under Section 160 of the Penal Code, which carries a maximum of six months in jail or a fine of up to RM1,000 or both upon conviction.

Earlier, Noorasyikin advised both men to be patient and feel ashamed about the incident.

“I wonder why it is so easy for people to lose their patience these days. Fazrien, you should set a good example as a Muslim to non-Muslims.

“Ng, at your age, you should be more mature and think about what your children would feel if they see the viral video on the internet and ask if their father was like this before. How will you feel?”

Noorasyikin also had some advice for Fazrien’s wife, who was seated in the public gallery. She had recorded the incident on her phone.

“As a wife, you should try to mend the situation, not record it. A good wife would not let her husband get involved in a fight,” she said.

Deputy public prosecutor Rajdeep Singh asked the court to hand out a punishment that would serve as a lesson to both men as such cases were becoming rampant of late.

Lawyer Izzat Amir Saharudin, who represented both men, asked for a lenient and minimum sentence as his clients were first-time offenders.

“They feel remorse for their action. Their guilty pleas have also saved the court’s time,” he said.