Waste company’s licence suspended, says dept

Residents in a protest demonstration earlier today in Sungai Petani against illegal waste factories.

PETALING JAYA: The licence of a Kedah waste company has been suspended pending the renewal of its business licence by the Sungai Petani municipal council, the National Solid Waste Management Department said today in response to a protest demonstration by local residents.

The department named the company as PP Technology Industries Company (Northern).

However it said that a company called Green Alliance Ecotech, named by the protesters, was not a holder of a permit to handle imported waste.

The department said five companies held approved permits for plastic waste, and each also held a compliance letter from the Environment Department. They are Plasticycle Industries Company, GC Plastic, YB Enterprise, Technology PP Industries (Northern) and Green Mark Technology.

The Kedah state government was also considering the application of 6 new companies that have been granted planning permission but which were subject to the approval and review of the technical agencies.

“If approved by the state government, the companies would be allowed to operate only in designated industrial zones and only after compliance with the terms of technical agencies,” the department said.

Earlier today, some 200 residents organised a protest at an industrial park in Sungai Petani, demanding the Kedah administration to take urgent action against existing illegally operating factories.

The president of the Association of Environmental Action Sungai Petani, Lydia Ong, said that these factories have been taking advantage of the haze to pollute the town with noxious gases, some even operating all day to burn plastic waste.