FT Minister hits back at critics of Kampung Baru deal

PUTRAJAYA: Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad has hit back at opposition critics of the Kampung Baru redevelopment deal, saying the offer to residents was superior to that made by the previous government.

He said opposition politicians should stop politicising the Kampung Baru land deal.

Khalid said the redevelopment of Kampung Baru was being done in the interest and the benefit of its populace, whereby the government hopes to promote the area as a modern, comfortable and developed Malay settlement.

“Do not play politics over this matter. We are taking care of the interest of the Malay and Muslim community, and we do not want a situation where the whole city has been developed but Kampung Baru is not,” he said.

Last Saturday, Khalid said the government was offering to buy land in Kampung Baru here at a rate of RM850 per square foot, as compensation to land owners and heirs, adding that the offer was the highest and based on a valuation by the Department of Valuation and Property Services.

Khalid said the previous government had only offered a rate of RM300 per sq ft when they were in power, but now lamented that the present government’s offer was too low.

He urged Kampung Baru folks not to be instigated by those bent on stopping the development from taking place.

The redevelopment of Kampung Baru will result in 45,000 new residential premises being built, of which 50 per cent has been earmarked as affordable homes.