Police gun down amok who slashed two factory colleagues

A woman was brutally slashed by a man who went amok at a German-owned factory in Bayan Lepas, Penang, on Monday.

GEORGE TOWN: Police have gunned down a factory worker who went amok with a parang and slashed two of his colleagues at a factory in Bayan Lepas, leaving a woman worker dead and the security chief severely injured.

The worker, aged 25, had been serving his last week upon his resignation. He was shot dead at about 5pm by two policemen after he had charged towards them with a parang and refused to calm down.

Police said the man, whom they named as Shaikh Muhammad Khairil bin Shaik Abdul, had slashed a 47-year-old woman colleague from the quality inspection division, and the factory’s security chief, aged 53.

The woman suffered severe cuts all over her body, while the security chief suffered severe injuries to his hands. The security chief is receiving treatment in hospital.

Factory workers said after the attack on the two victims, the man started hunting for a few others.

Workers ran away in panic and the emergency siren was sounded calling for an evacuation. Workers described the scene as chaotic as sounds of “potong” could be heard, the source said.

Factory workers evacuated the plant in Bayan Lepas, Penang, after a former colleague went amok.

Police arrived minutes later and told the angry assailant to calm down, but he charged at them instead. The two policemen then shot the man.

According to police sources, the man had been undergoing a bout of depression for the past few months and had handed in his resignation recently.

FMT has contacted southwest district police chief A Anbalagan for comment and is awaiting his reply.