Penang school gets stern warning after Christian prayer recital

Methodist Girls’ School in George Town, Penang. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: The education ministry has issued a stern warning to Methodist Girls’ School in Penang following reports that the school had recited a Christian prayer during an awards ceremony.

A separate warning was given to a school in Perak which is believed to have conducted an art seminar in Chinese instead of the national language.

The director-general of education, Amin Senin, said the ministry is considering further disciplinary action against the Methodist girls’ school for contravening national education regulations.

According to a media report yesterday, a Muslim group had lodged a police report, accusing the school of trying to propagate Christianity to Muslims.

Amin also reminded all national schools to abide by the regulations in the Education Act, as well as circulars that have been sent.

“Non-compliance with these rules can lead to disciplinary action or other suitable action against the administrators of the schools involved. The education ministry will not compromise with any parties found to have broken the stipulated rules,” he said in a statement today.

He said the Education Act and Education (National Curriculum) Regulations specified that Art should be taught in the national language, which is Bahasa Malaysia.