Fireman now says it’s a tear, not holes, on Cradle CEO’s head

Fireman Stanley Sigau Nyala says he saw burn marks on Nazrin Hassan’s face, chest and right leg.

SHAH ALAM: The fireman who was the first to discover Nazrin Hassan’s body today amended his testimony that he found “holes” on the head of the Cradle Fund CEO.

Stanley Sigau Nyalang told the High Court it was more of a tear measuring 3cm to 4cm on the left side of Nazrin’s head.

“Actually it is not a hole but more like a tear.

“I saw the wound when I was standing near his body but I did not touch it. At that time, I did not see other injuries, just the tear on the victim’s head and blood spatter below it,” he said when questioned by deputy public prosecutor Salim Soib @ Hamid Mohd.

Yesterday, Stanley, who was the 11th witness, told the court he found “holes” on  Nazrin’s head “as if he was hit”. He also said he saw burn marks on the victim’s face, chest and right leg.

Nazrin’s wife Samirah Muzaffar and two teenagers are charged with his murder. Another suspect, Indonesian national Eka Wahyu Lestari, is still at large.

Samirah’s lawyer Muhammed Shafee Abdullah asked Stanley during cross-examination to explain how he came to conclude that the tear to Nazrin’s head was the result of him being hit.

“It was a sizeable wound,” he said.

Asked by Shafee if he agreed that his conclusion that Nazrin’s was hit was his own assumption and not that of a forensic expert, Stanley concurred.

Stanley also agreed with Shafee that the injury to the victim could have been caused by other factors.

He also told the court he did not touch the body until a forensics expert arrived to investigate the case.