Teen charged with murdering Cradle Fund CEO didn’t look sad, says witness

Former police corporal Nur Ronal Ardes Ami says the accused walked up and down the stairs several times.

SHAH ALAM: A witness today told the High Court that she saw one of the teenagers accused with murdering Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan bleeding in his hand.

Nur Ronal Ardes Amir, a former police corporal, said she saw the teenager, which she described as lanky, walk up and down the stairs several times.

Nur Ronal, the 12th witness testifying in the case, said the teenager brought down clothes and diapers the first time.

“When I saw him in the dining room, his hand was bleeding and he told me he injured himself when he tried to open the door of the room that had caught fire.

“He didn’t look sad and he didn’t cry … there were no tears. He just looked worried and wanted to go up (to the room that caught fire),” she said.

Nur Ronal also told the court that Nazrin’s widow, Samirah Muzaffar, who is also charged with his murder, had gone in and out of the room where his body was found, twice.

She said Samirah had taken foreign currencies from a drawer in front of the bed which was destroyed in a fire.

Nur Ronal said Samirah had taken the money – the sum of which she was unsure of – the second time she went into the room.

She said Samirah had kept the cash in a “bag that had a handle”. Samirah also found a bunch of keys in the drawer, she said.

“She told me that (one of the keys) was her spare key and said she could not enter the room as the spare key was in the drawer.

“Prior to that, she said she was going to take several items belonging to Nazrin, like a watch and a handphone, but decided against it, saying they were destroyed in the fire,” she told High Court judge Ab Karim Ab Rahman.

Nur Ronal said the first time Samirah had gone into the room was when she brought her in to view Nazrin’s body.

She said Samirah knelt beside the body for 10 minutes, looking sad, but did not cry.

She said that when Samirah attempted to enter the room for the third time, she was prevented from doing so by the fireman.

“She then walked to the other two rooms on the same floor, but only opened the doors to check the condition of the rooms.

“She sounded like she was grumbling and told me that she had to clean the house herself as she had no maid.”

Samirah and two teenagers are charged with Nazrin’s murder. Another suspect, Indonesian national Eka Wahyu Lestari, is still at large.

The trial will continue on Nov 8 when Nur Ronal is expected to be cross-examined by Samirah’s lawyer, Muhammed Shafee Abdullah.