Dr M dismisses report of plummeting PH support

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says Pakatan Harapan should be careful about protecting its popular support.

SHAH ALAM: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has dismissed a think tank’s findings that Pakatan Harapan’s popularity has dropped to 35%, and said that support for the coalition remained strong.

At a press conference after the end of a two-day retreat for PH and Warisan leaders and MPs at a hotel here, Mahathir said that PH must be careful to prevent support from dropping.

The reported drop in PH popularity was a finding of an opinion poll by Merdeka Center. Malaysiakini said that PH MPs had been informed that the coalition’s popularity had plummeted to 35%, the lowest since the 14th general election, when PH had enjoyed a peak of 87% popularity, which dropped significantly in the first half of 2019.

Mahathir said: “Some say our popularity has dropped, I’m not sure where they do their research. What I know is that many people want to take pictures with me, shake my hand. This is proof we still have support.”

Mahathir said opinion polls relied on a small number of people who gave their views but the results would be presented as if they were the feelings of everyone. “To us, that’s not accurate. What we know is support for the government is still strong,” he said.

Though the government was administered by five political parties, Mahathir said the leaders discussed matters together and came to decisions that were accepted by all.

“We are not afraid we will split up,” he said, adding relations between PH leaders and MPs would improve through retreats such as the one just ended.