Felda confirms officer and 2 settlers held over elephant killing

KUALA LUMPUR: The Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) has confirmed that an officer and two settlers were arrested by police in Tawau, Sabah, over the killing of an elephant.

Felda said the three people were among six detained for being allegedly involved in the brutal killing of a bull pygmy elephant in Kalabakan, near Tawau.

Felda said its management had not compromised on any kind of cruelty to animals and would take action if staff and settlers were found guilty.

Killing animals was against Felda’s environmental protection and conservation policy, and had standard procedures to keep away elephants and other wildlife common in Felda areas by placing electric fences and elephant trenches. If necessary, the elephants would be relocated.

The carcass of a bull pygmy elephant was found by a river bank in Sungai Udin, Dumpas, Kalabakan, on Sept 26. The elephant was estimated to be aged between 11 and 12 years. Initial investigations revealed 70 gunshot wounds on the elephant’s body.