4 men held for attempted murder in Adib case were not involved, say cops

The Subang Jaya fire and rescue station where Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim was based.

KUALA LUMPUR: Criminal Investigation Department chief Huzir Mohamed says the four men initially detained in the probe into fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim’s death have been cleared of involvement.

Speaking at a press conference here today, he said the four, who were among 12 men arrested last December, have since been released.

He said police are still interviewing witnesses for the case, which was initially classified under Section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder.

It was reclassified on Dec 17 to murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

So far, 60 witnesses have been called to give their statements to the police, Huzir said.

He said police might call new individuals, including the two experts who testified at the Shah Alam Coroner’s Court during the inquest to ascertain the circumstances under which Adib died.

Of the 66 individuals believed to have been present at the scene whose pictures were recently broadcasted on the media, he said only 10 had come forward so far.

“The remainder have yet to contact us,” he added. “We ask that they come forward to assist us.

“We will give them another chance. If they do not come forward, we will broadcast their pictures again. The purpose of them coming forward is to assist investigations.”

On a related note, he said 26 individuals have been charged in seven police investigations for various offences relating to the riot at the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Seafield.

They pleaded guilty to a range of offences including obstructing law enforcement officers from carrying out their duties and refusing to disperse.

Police have also identified three main incidents that occurred outside the temple from Nov 26 to Nov 27, 2018:

  1. A group of men trespassing the temple;
  2. A group of men attacking two fire brigade vehicles, believed to be the point at which Adib was purportedly assaulted; and
  3. A group of men rioting at the lobby of the MCT Bhd building near the temple.

Huzir said police have received 5,178 reports in relation to these incidents. Sixty-nine investigations were opened based on these reports, seven of which have been closed.

Twelve remain open, including the murder case, while 50 investigation papers have been classified under “No Further Action”.

Adib died at the National Heart Institute on Dec 17, 2018 after succumbing to injuries sustained when he was despatched to the scene of the riot.

After a 41-day inquest into his death, the Coroner’s Court in Shah Alam ruled on Sept 27 that “more than two unidentified persons” had killed Adib.