Still no sign of missing woman in Batu Arang shooting, say cops

Selangor police chief Noor Azam Jamaludin says cops still trying to locate Moganambal Govindasamy, said to be missing after a fatal shootout in Batu Arang last month.

SHAH ALAM: Police say they have yet to locate a woman said to be in a car with three men who were shot dead last month in Batu Arang, Selangor.

Selangor police chief Noor Azam Jamaludin also repeated pleas to the public to come forward with any information about Moganambal Govindasamy, the wife of Sri Lankan citizen V Janarthanan who were killed alongside two others in a shootout.

“Till now, there has been no response from the public,” Noor Azam told a press conference here.

He said police have obtained CCTV recordings purportedly showing Moganambal with the men just hours before the fatal shooting.

The footage, released by her family lawyer P Uthayakumar, shows the woman leaving an elevator at The Henge condominium in Kepong at 10.33pm on Sept 13.

Uthayakumar had said the video was proof that Moganambal had been with the three men just hours before they were killed. Police had earlier denied a woman was involved in the incident.

Police said the shootout in the wee hours of Sept 14 happened after the men refused to pull over at Bandar Country Homes, resulting in a 7km chase.

Police said two men, Thavaselvan Govindasamy and Maghendran Santhirasegaran were gang members, while Janarthanan had overstayed his visa.

Govindasamy, the father of Moganambal and Thavaselvan, has questioned the claim, and insisted his daughter was with the trio.