190 cops test positive for drugs

Narcotics CID director Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd. (Bernama pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 190 police officers, six of whom are high-ranking, tested positive for drugs in preliminary screening tests as of yesterday.

Narcotics CID director Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd said the tests were part of an operation known as Ops Blue Devil which has been running for 80 days now.

“We want to ensure the integrity of the police,” he said in a press conference here today.

“Even though we are arresting our own people, it is part and parcel of the job.”

The officers in question, who tested positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine, morphine/opiates, THC and ketamine, are currently under investigation and have been put on non-operational duty.

If they are found guilty, they will be expelled from the force and charged in court, Khalil said.

He added that the operation would continue until drug use is eradicated from the department.

“The police cannot have officers who are involved in drugs.”

Khalil also urged members of the public to refer to the relevant departments before taking jobs in foreign countries to avoid becoming drug mules overseas.

He said 86 Malaysians have been arrested for this: seven in Australia, seven in Hong Kong, 15 in Indonesia, two in Iran, 13 in Japan, nine in South Korea, two in Laos, one in Peru, 23 in Singapore, six in Taiwan, and one in Thailand.

“This is because people are taking jobs overseas without understanding what the jobs really entail.

“Many of those who offer these jobs are taking advantage of your desperation for money.”

He also encouraged members of the public to contact the police through the narcotics hotline whenever they suspect drug activities are taking place.

He said the public had been slow in helping the police eradicate drug activities but active in complaining about the force on social media.

“You can condemn, but you must do your part as well. There’s no point in condemning if you don’t help the police,” he said.

Khalil also said the police are working with their Colombian counterparts to stem the flow of drug trafficking following a drug bust in Penang which saw 12 tonnes of cocaine worth RM2.4 billion seized.

The drugs, which had been disguised as coal shipments, were seized on Sept 20 in the largest cocaine haul in Malaysia’s history.

Top cop Abdul Hamid Bador said the cocaine was believed to have originated from a Latin American country and was brought to Malaysia for distribution in the region.

Khalil today confirmed that Malaysians were involved but said details could not be revealed just yet.

“Without networking, we cannot identify the important players, which is why it is important that we engage with the Colombian police.”