I won’t ditch my voters midway, says Batu MP Praba

Batu MP P Prabakaran says he has been able to solve complicated problems faced by his voters in a short span of time and was meeting constituents every day.

PETALING JAYA: P Prabakaran says he will serve out his full term as Batu MP following a call by 14 NGOs urging him to vacate his seat to trigger a by-election in the constituency.

Prabakaran said he was committed to serving the people diligently and was willing to contribute to making PKR’s reformation agenda a reality.

He also said the people of Batu wanted a young and spirited person in Parliament to help resolve their problems, adding that he met his constituents daily.

“I have conducted many programmes and activities in the Batu constituency.

“I am solving their problems step by step and have been able to solve complicated problems faced by my voters in a short span of time.

“I am determined to provide the best solution in several issues that I am facing right now,” he said in a statement today.

Yesterday, 14 NGOs had proposed that Prabakaran vacate his seat to pave the way for Tian Chua, Batu’s two-term incumbent, to return as MP.

A representative of the coalition of NGOs said Tian Chua’s support, coupled with the strong election machinery, had enabled Prabakaran to win with a huge majority.

He also said Tian Chua’s service as an MP was needed, adding that he had performed well during his two terms in 2008 and 2013.

Yesterday, when asked by FMT, both Prabakaran and Tian Chua had offered no comment on the calls to vacate the seat.

Today, Prabakaran said he took the NGOs’ call in a positive light, saying it showed they had good intentions for PKR, the party he joined days after winning the seat.

He also said he had, in his capacity as MP, directly helped some of these NGOs listed in the statement.

He said there were also complaints about some of the NGOs listed, that it was the statement of certain individuals and not the statement of the NGOs.

Prabakaran highlighted that Tian Chua had never pushed or negotiated for him to vacate his seat to make way for him, even after winning his bid for a court to declare that he had been eligible to contest in the polls last year.

On Nov 6, the Kuala Lumpur High Court had ruled that Tian Chua was qualified to contest in the May 9 general election last year.

He had initially been barred from contesting in the May 9 general election due to a RM2,000 court fine previously imposed for insulting a policeman.

As a result, the Batu parliamentary seat was won by Prabakaran, a law student, who stood as an independent candidate.

In Tian Chua’s absence, his candidacy was endorsed by Pakatan Harapan.

Last week, Tian Chua said he was not focused on a by-election in Batu, adding that it was more important for him to clear his name regarding his eligibility to stand in the May 9 polls.

“The by-election depends on the situation and need. I leave it to my party (whether to hold a by-election or not).

“My purpose in doing this was to demand justice, not just for myself,” he told FMT.