Sarawak denies banned activist refused medical attention at airport

Activist Wong Chin Huat says he was denied a doctor while waiting for his flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

KUCHING: Immigration authorities in Sarawak have confirmed that a member of Putrajaya’s Electoral Reform Committee was barred from entering the state yesterday, but reject claims that they denied him medical attention.

A spokesman who requested anonymity said Wong Chin Huat was denied entry after he arrived at the Kuching airport on a Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur at 3.45pm yesterday.

“After being refused entry, he was placed under quarantine to be sent back to KL on another flight at 8.50pm. However, the flight was delayed,” he told FMT.

The Sarawak Immigration Department also confirmed the incident to FMT.

“The state authority has placed him on a blacklist,” said the department’s director Ken Leben.

Wong, who complained that he was unwell and had a headache, was diagnosed with high blood pressure by an airport medical staff.

But the source said Wong “refused to take any medicine” after being referred to a medical officer.

“He then called his contacts in KL to get a hospital to send an ambulance.

“The immigration then offered a one-day pass, with a strict condition that he remain at the general hospital for a check-up,” the source added.

“He refused to go. So he will be staying at the airport overnight (Thursday) and a doctor is coming to take a look at him.”

When contacted, Wong maintained the claims.

“No medical assistant offered me any medicine. The doctor from GH wanted me to be admitted for observation, and his request was denied until much later.

“I challenge the state immigration officer to repeat the statement in his/her name so that I may hold him/her accountable,” he said.

Yesterday, Wong claimed he was denied a doctor while waiting for his flight back home.

Sarawak and Sabah enjoy autonomy on immigration matters, and both states have turned away Malaysians from the peninsula for numerous reasons.

With additional reporting by Predeep Nambiar.