Finas has no power to regulate online content, says its chief

Finas chief executive Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: The national film development corporation, Finas, has no jurisdiction to filter content on video streaming services, the corporation’s chief executive said today after he had proposed for the regulation of content provided through digital platforms.

In a series of tweets, Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri said the corporation had no power to filter content on video streaming providers, although the agency will always look toward strengthening local content that would positively impact the national community.

He proposed that Finas work with the National Council of Women’s Organisations in organising forums to discuss the issue of unsuitable online content.

He added that he had taken note of parents’ complaints of unfiltered content on digital platforms.

Earlier today, Idham said the authorities should consider introducing a law to regulate the contents of films and programmes provided through digital platforms, particularly Video on Demand (VOD) or video streaming providers.

He said the introduction of such a law was necessary as digital content from providers such as Netflix were uncensored, adding that Finas had raised this issue during its meeting with the Film Censorship Board.