Melaka tables 16th consecutive surplus budget

Melaka’s chief minister, Adly Zahari , tabled the state’s 2020 budget today. (Bernama pic)

MELAKA: The state government today tabled its 2020 budget involving expenditure of RM390 million, with an excess of RM220,000, to record a surplus budget for the 16th consecutive year.

Chief Minister Adly Zahari, tabling the budget, said it was an increase of 2.03% from this year’s budget of RM382.23 million.

However, he said it was a minimal increase taking into account the cost-cutting measures adopted and the existing commitment.

“Out of the total allocation, RM9.17 million was for liabilities and RM380.83 million for supplies,” he said at the state assembly sitting here today.

Adly said of the total operating expenditure, RM378.42 would be for the existing policies, RM3.32 million was for new policies and RM8.26 million would go towards the one-off items.

He said RM70 million had also been allocated for development expenditure out of which RM48.74 million was from state-generated revenue while RM21.26 million was from the Federal Government grants.

“From RM380.83 million for supplies, RM168.24 million or 44.18% has been allocated for services and supplies, emoluments (RM107.96 million/28.35%); dividends and fixed payments (RM99.65 million/26.17%); asset procurement (RM4.39 million/1.15%) and the remaining is for miscellaneous expenditure,” he said.

Adly said the state government revenue was estimated to increase to RM390.22 million or 1.54% higher than this year’s budget.

“The state government is expected to collect revenue of RM154.65 from tax revenue; non-tax revenue (RM181.55 million); non-revenue receipts (RM54.02 million),” he said.