B20 biodiesel fuel to debut in Langkawi next year

B20 biodiesel is made up of 20% palm methyl ester and 80% petroleum diesel. (File pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: B20 biodiesel will be introduced in Langkawi, Labuan, Sarawak and Sabah next year, the primary industries ministry has announced.

Its secretary-general Tan Yew Chong said the fuel, a blend of 20% palm methyl ester and 80% petroleum diesel, will make its debut in Langkawi in the first quarter of 2020, followed by Labuan in April, Sarawak in July and later Sabah.

He said the move would involve upgrading existing facilities, including storage and pump facilities.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) will sign an agreement with five petroleum companies to upgrade their facilities to accommodate B30 biodiesel.

Last year, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad urged the local palm oil industry to join the ranks of countries already using B20 biodiesel like Indonesia.

Indonesia is gearing up to switch to B30 biodiesel next year.

Tan said Malaysia and Indonesia would fund a joint-fund to counter the anti-palm oil lobby.

“When there are anti-palm oil narratives, we need to come up with a communication plan,” he told reporters later.

“You need money, it needs to come out from this fund because we are fighting it together.”