By 2020, no more young actors playing old characters, says Finas

Finas director Hans Isaac speaks at an event in Kuala Lumpur today.

KUALA LUMPUR: The agency in charge of the country’s film industry says beginning next year, young actors and actresses will no longer be made up to play old characters as part of efforts to ensure jobs for veteran performers.

The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia or Finas said broadcasting stations had agreed to this directive, and that broadcasters themselves did not approve of such practices as they made characters look fake.

“After our discussion, they said they would enforce this themselves,” Finas chairman Hans Isaac told reporters after officiating an event here today.

“They will ensure that (production) procedures do not use young actors to play old characters.”

He added that Finas is campaigning to bring veterans back into the business.

“Broadcasters will outline the number of projects that require veterans and inform Finas by the end of the year.

“Hopefully it will be carried out by January,” he said.

He also said that Finas, together with the communications and multimedia ministry, had agreed to sponsor insurance policies under Socso for 240 veteran actors and actresses next year.

On a separate issue, he said he would call Finas CEO Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri to discuss issues pertaining to Netflix censorship.

This follows reports that Idham had suggested that Netflix content be censored.

Idham later clarified that he had only proposed a collaboration between Finas and the National Council of Women’s Organisations to organise a seminar or forum to address explicit content.

“We’ll call up the CEO to explain why he said such a thing,” Hans said.

“It could have been his personal opinion made with good intentions, or the result of discussions with other parties. We don’t know.

“But for now, the ministry and Finas board of directors have not engaged in any discussions. Give him a chance to explain.”

He added that Finas has no power to censor film content, saying such authority lies with the Film Censorship Board and the home ministry.

“Netflix already has parental control, so Finas does not need to police it. Finas has its own direction and this is not it.”