Things could get ugly, PKR man says after youth leaders sacked

Cracks are opening within PKR amid a tussle between factions said to be aligned with party president Anwar Ibrahim and his deputy Mohamed Azmin Ali.

PETALING JAYA: A PKR leader has raised concerns over the removal of two top permanent members of the party’s youth wing just days before the national congress next week, amid a tussle between factions supportive of Anwar Ibrahim and Mohamed Azmin Ali which has already seen cracks within the ranks.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said permanent chairman Mizan Adli Mohd Noor and deputy permanent chairman Mohd Ramly Ahmad had crucial roles to play in the congress.

“They are responsible for running the congress and the passing of previous resolutions and statements, among others,” he told FMT.

He voiced fear that their removal would cause emotions to run high during the event, claiming that rifts at the party’s youth level are widening, with more dissatisfaction expected among members.

“I just hope the congress will go smoothly, because if the unhappiness grows, things could get ugly.”

A letter dated Nov 27, signed by PKR Youth national secretary Ahmad Syukri Che Ab Razak, stated that the party was terminating the positions of Mizan and Ramly as they were above the age of 35.

The letter also said they had received more votes than the number of delegates at last year’s youth convention.

The PKR leader said any move to replace the duo should have been made months ago.

Given that this was not the case, he added, they should have been allowed to maintain their posts until the congress, with any motion to replace them called during the event.

The tussle between factions aligned with Anwar, the PKR president, and his deputy Azmin has already seen a number of disputes including over who will officiate the opening of the youth congress.

In Sarawak, the state PKR convention was held without its chief Baru Bian who said the event should be cancelled until the national-level leadership resolved the matter of who should officiate the youth congress.

Mizan and Ramly have demanded an explanation for their dismissal, urging the PKR central political bureau to investigate the issue.

They also warned that the party runs the risk of being deregistered by the Registrar of Societies.