DAP queries why TAR college board are all MCA leaders

The MCA-owned TAR university college is at the centre of a tussle between MCA and DAP. (File pic)

PETALING JAYA: The MCA has been asked to explain why party leaders have taken all the seats on the board of trustees of the MCA-owned TAR university college.

The query came from the DAP, in a statement issued by the office of secretary-general Lim Guan Eng here, in the latest round of sniping between the two parties over government funds for the college.

The DAP said MCA president Wee Ka Siong should explain why the composition of the college board of trustees did not comply with a requirement that at least 50% of the trustees must be independent and not connected to MCA.

“Unfortunately, 100% of members of the trustees are known MCA leaders and have failed to obtain necessary approvals from the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry. MCA, which owns and controls TAR UC should be answerable for the failure to comply with these legal requirements,” the statement said.

“It is a serious breach of the law that needs to be addressed quickly.”

Ownership of the college is vested in the TARC Education Foundation. Matters relating to foundations are governed by the ministry via the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

The DAP statement said TAR college should be free of political influence and the college should be returned to the Chinese community “since it has been funded by them” and be run by professionals from the Chinese community.

MCA has been fighting for a government allocation for Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and TAR college after Pakatan Harapan slashed its funding. Utar and TAR UC will only receive RM1 million for development purposes in the 2020 Budget, compared to RM5.5 million in the 2019 Budget.