PKR Youth dismisses claims from 7 divisions unable to attend congress

PKR Youth says the seven divisions had failed to submit the names of delegates before the deadline set.

PETALING JAYA: PKR Youth secretary Ahmad Syukri Che Ab Razab said the late submission of participants from seven divisions means they will not be listed as representatives at this weekend’s PKR national congress in Melaka.

Seven PKR Youth branches — Bentong, Jeli, Kelana Jaya, Kuala Krai, Kuala Selangor, Rantau Panjang and Sepang — had earlier today asked the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to look into claims that their 60 members were denied the right to attend the party’s national congress this weekend despite these divisions holding their annual general meetings (AGM) as required.

In a statement issued later in the day, Ahmad said that each division had to pick nine representatives during their AGM.

Their names had to be listed in the AGM reports which then had to be submitted to the PKR national congress secretariat no later than seven days after the meeting — which the seven divisions failed to do.

“Not only have these divisions failed to abide by the dates set out, they also did not work to correct the situation via the proper channels,” said Ahmad.

He said there was no record of the AGM report being received from the Jeli PKR Youth division while the other six divisions had all handed in their reports from Nov 22 to 27.

PKR Youth secretary Ahmad Syukri Che Ab Razab.

The representatives to the PKR national congress were chosen after the AGMs in each division, which ran from Oct 2 to 13. The national congress secretariat would then go through the report and compile the names of the representatives for the congress from across the country.

Understanding the difficulty some PKR Youth leaders faced in submitting their AGM reports on time, the national congress secretariat issued a notice on Oct 26 that they would provide a grace period of until Oct 29.

After this deadline passed, the secretariat issued the full list of representatives on the website, the official website for the PKR national congress.

The congress secretariat had also distributed a notice on Nov 11 to all PKR Youth state and division leaders to check the names of their representatives, with the notice clearly stating that the PKR Youth state and division branches needed to confirm their congress representatives no later than Nov 16.