CAP chief launches stinging attack on grand-nephew after viral SD leak

Consumers Association of Penang president Mohideen Abdul Kader.

GEORGE TOWN: Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president Mohideen Abdul Kader launched a stinging attack today on his grand-nephew Muhammad Yusoff Rawther following the circulation of a statutory declaration (SD) by the latter implicating a senior politician.

Accusing Yusoff of having “an inflated ego”, he questioned the veracity of the SD which he noted was made only recently despite the alleged impropriety purportedly taking place last October.

He also questioned the timing of the SD, asking if it had been created to coincide with the PKR national congress to serve certain political interests.

“My belief is that he is being exploited by power-hungry politicians. And this is not good for the country,” he said on the sidelines of a press conference at the CAP office here.

Yusoff claimed at a press conference yesterday that a senior politician had committed “vile” acts against him. However, he gave no details of his claim, saying they are part of an SD which has yet to be made public.

Mohideen told reporters today to refer to his earlier statement on behalf of the family, distancing itself from both Yusoff and his claims.

He also reiterated his belief that the issue had been caused by politicians lusting after power.

“We thought that with a new government and Malaysia Baru, we would leave this fitnah (lies) and ‘sodomy politics’ behind and concentrate on the real issues facing the people.

“Why are we being dragged into these muddy politics when 60% of our population is financially stressed and unable to pay its bills? There are also serious issues of inequality and environmental destruction.

“Why can’t these politicians, who are well-salaried by the taxpayers, channel their energy into solving these instead?”