Chegubard denies involvement in SD against top politician

Former PKR member Badrul Hisham Shaharin.

HULU KELANG: Former PKR member Badrul Hisham Shaharin today denied he was behind a 26-year-old man’s sworn statement claiming a senior politician had propositioned him last year.

Badrul, who is better known as Chegubard, said he had merely heard Muhammad Yusoff Rawther’s claims and had given him advice on what action he ought to take, among which was to file a statutory declaration (SD), if he felt he had been genuinely wronged.

Yesterday, Perak PKR chief Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak claimed Badrul had facilitated a press conference by Yusoff to mar the image of the party.

Farhash went on to say that Badrul was doing so as the latter’s rants “were no longer taken seriously”.

During the press conference, Yusoff had claimed that there was no action taken against Farhash for assaulting him, while revealing the alleged “immoral” advances by the senior politician, without going into details.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has denied allegations put forth by Yusoff, saying it was a ploy to tarnish his reputation ahead of the party’s national congress this weekend.

Yusoff, in passing, had indicated during the press conference that Badrul had recommended that he make an SD.

Badrul told reporters today that Yusoff had called him a few times after filing the SD, which he said he had seen before it was uploaded onto Facebook.

“He had asked me what to do next. He was upset when I said I did not want to get involved.”

Badrul said Yusoff should lodge a police report if he felt he was right.

Badrul also sounded off Farhash for accusing him of being involved in the preparation of the SD, saying such an accusation was unfounded.

He claimed he had received a WhatsApp message from a person named Farhash apologising to him and asking if the matter could be discussed.

“Farhash should have called me to verify these claims, not just make statements. It is up to him (to apologise). My lawyers have advised me to take legal action.

“I will decide in 24 hours if I want to,” he said.

Badrul is a former PKR member who was sacked from the party in August 2016 on charges of damaging the image of the party and causing divisions among the members by defying party’s orders.

At the press conference yesterday, Yusoff claimed a senior politician had committed “vile” acts against him. He gave no details of his claim, saying they are part of his SD.

Yusoff’s family, which is related to the late consumer activist SM Mohamed Idris, had distanced itself from him, claiming he was likely motivated by political interests.

When contacted for comment, Farhash called on Badrul to lodge a police report to dismiss claims that he was behind the contentious SD. He said based on Badrul’s admission, he had met Yusoff prior to the SD’s drafting.

“I suggest that he lodge a police report if he feels he is not involved in this,” he said.

Farhash also denied apologising to him, but had called him repeatedly to ask for an explanation but did not get a reply.