No defiance by civil servants against govt, minister says

Minister Liew Vui Keong says civil servants must be neutral in performing their duty according to the rule of law.

KUALA LUMPUR: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Liew Vui Keong says there have been no cases of “intangible defiance” against the administration since the change of government in the May 9 polls last year.

He said civil servants must be loyal to king and country according to government policies.

“Civil servants need to be neutral in carrying out their jobs according to the rule of law,” he said in the Dewan Rakyat here today.

He added that constant monitoring is carried out to ensure the civil service maintains good work ethics.

He was responding to Ronald Kiandee (PH-Beluran) who asked about the extent to which civil servants had been defiant of the new administration in carrying out government policies.

In an additional question, Kiandee also asked about Putrajaya’s statements concerning sabotage linked to the civil service.

“The government has also transferred several (ministry) secretaries-general,” he added.

“There is a perception among the public that the government is concerned that civil servants may not be following new government policies.”

He also asked if it was true that a “deep state” exists among civil servants.

Liew said this might be public perception but that it had not been shown in action taken against civil servants.

“When there is a change of government, the civil servants remain,” he said.

“But there is a public perception of civil servants which is intangible and cannot be traced.”

He said action had been taken against civil servants for being absent from work, spreading fake news and making public statements that are untrue, as well as for corruption and sexual harassment.

“As of June, there are no statistics to show that they are not loyal to the king, country and government,” he said.