Brawl spills to the streets as PKR scuffles continue

The scuffle between two PKR Youth factions outside the Melaka International Trade Centre.

AYER KEROH: The commotion at the PKR Youth congress today spilled out to the streets as two factions engaged in an all-out brawl which left at least one person in need of medical attention.

The scuffle outside the Melaka International Trade Centre here ensued after one group left the congress and another accused its supporters of being “fake” members who were paid to attend the convention.

Other PKR members were seen trying to stop the fight, which saw a momentary lull when one group walked away, only to turn back and charge again at the other group.

One of the members was hit with a rock which was thrown in the melee, causing him to suffer a cut to his head.

Police officers then intervened in the situation and separated the two groups. They also took the injured man to receive medical treatment.

Meanwhile, members of the press were threatened by some of the brawlers and warned against taking footage of the scuffle.

This followed an earlier scuffle in the building when former PKR Youth permanent chairman Mizan Adli Mohd Nor and his supporters tried to force their way into the event hall after being denied entry.

Mizan and his deputy were controversially sacked from their positions last month.