Ex-permanent chairman barred for being ill-mannered, says PKR Youth chief

PKR Youth chief Akmal Nasir. (Bernama pic)

AYER KEROH: PKR Youth chief Akmal Nasir says former permanent chairman Mizan Adli Mohd Nor was barred from entering the event hall today as he had been ill-mannered and attempted to push past security members.

He added that only delegates, observers and those with valid passes are allowed to enter the hall at the Melaka International Trade Centre here where the party’s national congress is being held.

He said he would ask the congress secretariat to investigate the commotion that occurred this morning.

“His actions endangered the delegates here inside the hall. Security personnel had to control the situation, which was chaotic.

“We have asked for an investigation into how this happened,” he said at a press conference, adding that a post-mortem will be conducted regarding the situation as well.

The scuffle outside the hall this morning began after Mizan and his supporters were barred from entering. Mizan, who was controversially sacked from his position last month, alleged that he was also assaulted and pushed.

Akmal said stern action would also be taken against anyone who attempted to sabotage the youth congress.

“Let the police investigate if he (Mizan) says he has lodged a report.

“If it involves our members, we will let the disciplinary board take the necessary action,” he said.

He added that the wing would look into how a group of men in black shirts had allegedly entered the hall without valid passes.