His problem if he feels slighted, Anwar says on Azmin’s complaints

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim says he cannot control the speeches made by delegates at the congress. (Bernama pic)

AYER KEROH: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim today denied mocking his deputy, Mohamed Azmin Ali, through his speech at the party’s national congress in which he spoke on the tale of Si Kitul and Raja Mendeliar.

Anwar said the tale, which deals with betrayal, was part of Malay history and had nothing to do with Azmin.

“If he feels slighted, that is his problem. It was just a historical story,” Anwar told reporters at the end of the debates at today’s PKR congress.

Earlier, Azmin, at a press conference with a number of top PKR leaders who left the congress midway, accused Anwar of failing to honour his promise to ensure that all of today’s speakers adhered to the agreed-upon parameters.

This included staying away from personal attacks and mocking others.

Azmin said Anwar’s retelling of the story of Si Kitul and Raja Mendeliar opened the door for other leaders to launch personal attacks, affecting party unity.

Scores of delegates and members were seen leaving the convention venue, with some upset over the personal attacks launched on Azmin by delegates.

Anwar said he could not control the speeches made by PKR delegates during the debate on the president’s speech.

He also denied that the exodus of PKR delegates and leaders from the Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC), where the congress is being held, showed their dissatisfaction.

“We cannot control (them). We can only advise them against making remarks which can hurt others or mention any names.”

He said he also couldn’t stop the speakers from rebuking those who did not attend party meetings.