Replace underperforming ministers, urges Amanah rep

Amanah’s Sarawak delegate Andri Zulkarnaen.

SHAH ALAM: A Sarawak Amanah delegate has called on Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to replace non-performing ministers.

Andri Zulkarnaen claimed the communications and multimedia ministry, in particular, had failed to promote Pakatan Harapan’s successes.

“We must reshuffle the current government leadership, maybe by replacing under-performing ministers,” he said, adding that this was not a matter about political parties but ministerial performance.

He was speaking during the debate on the president’s speech at the Amanah National Convention 2019 at IDCC here this afternoon.

He also expressed disappointment with Pakatan Harapan (PH), which after 19 months had back-tracked on programmes aimed at helping the rakyat.

“The price of rubber is still low but the smallholders are not being assisted.

“Village folks are still poor. The Bantuan Sara Hidip has been lowered and some beneficial schemes given by the previous Barisan Nasional government have ceased.”

He added that his village back in Sabah and Sarawak continued to be in poverty and was far behind in terms of development.

He also criticised infighting recurring in PH, making the government appear divided.

“Leaders from the same party are fighting with each other. PH component parties are still divided.”

Meanwhile, Nasir Zakaria, from Kedah, said at times ministers brought insignificant changes through their policies for the people.

“The smoking ban, for instance, has received such negative feedback from the grassroots.”

Earlier this year, Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad had implemented a smoking ban at all eateries, a move which was criticised by smokers but welcomed by non-smokers suffering from second-hand smoke.

Nasir said there were more pressing issues in healthcare, such as overcrowding in hospitals that forced the people to queue for hours to receive medical services.