Revoke organisations using Islam in their names, urges Amanah rep

Penang Amanah representative Mohd Saifullah Abdul Nasir says such bodies are portraying a negative image of Islam.

SHAH ALAM: An Amanah delegate has suggested that all organisations using the name of Islam should be reviewed or have their registration revoked.

Penang Amanah representative Mohd Saifullah Abdul Nasir said this was because these groups were giving a negative image of Islam.

“We know PAS and Umno are increasingly playing up racial issues, which to us challenges national stability,” he said while debating at the Amanah National Convention 2019.

“Islam, under the new government, carries the slogan of ‘Rahmatan lil Alamin’.

“Whether we like it or not, Amanah’s fundamental struggle is to show the rakyat that we will safeguard the position of Islam.”

Saifullah said despite PH forming the government, live telecasts of the Umno general assembly were being shown on main news broadcast channels such as TV3.

“But where is the live telecast of our Amanah convention today?

“We must use the power we have. We must not misuse it but must simply use the power that we have.“

He also talked about civil servants allegedly against the ruling government.

“We face the challenge of a deep state. Civil servants are supposed to follow and be loyal to instructions from the federal government but a group of them are challenging the government.”

He said the government should no longer turn a blind eye to their actions and should replace them, or put them in cold storage, if necessary.