Wanita Umno leader now on par with deputy president

Members of Wanita Umno at the movement’s general assembly in Kuala Lumpur.

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno has elevated the position of Wanita Umno leader to the same level as deputy president and the Malay-based party has opened the door to Sabahan natives and Orang Asli to become full members.

A constitutional amendment to the membership criteria, which included a lower membership age of 16, was approved by the Umno general assembly yesterday.Full membership of Umno was formerly open only to Malaysian nationals of Malay race or Bumiputera.

The chairman of Umno’s constitutional and regulations committee, Mohamed Khaled Nordin, tabled 12 amendments in a closed session, which were unanimously approved by the delegates at the general assembly held at Putra World Trade Centre yesterday.

Other amendments:

  • Umno elected representatives found to be ‘disloyal’ or joining other parties shortly after winning election to Parliament or State Assembly will have their party membership dropped immediately.
  • Members contesting as independent candidates or for an opposition party in an election will also automatically be expelled.

Previously, the clause only stated that any member contesting as an independent candidate or for an opposition party would be expelled and could never be accepted back as a member permanently.

  • The name of the Umno Wanita Movement was changed to Wanita Umno, the title of the movement’s head would be head of Wanita Umno Malaysia, the head of the Youth movement would be known as Umno Malaysia Youth Movement Head and Head of the Puteri Movement would be known as Head of the Puteri Umno Malaysia.
  • The Wanita Umno leader’s position was raised to be on par with the post of party deputy president but she cannot replace the deputy president, Bernama reported.
  • The number of vice-presidents has been reduced from six to five, which included the heads of Umno Youth and Puteri Umno.
  • The name of the Supreme Council was changed to Supreme Executive Council while Sabah Umno was recognised as a separate entity and no longer represented by a liaison body.
  • Online applications would be accepted from those who wished to become associate members of Umno. Previously, applications to be ordinary members must be submitted to the branch committee which is required to accept and approve the application.