We cannot continue watching our children insulted, says Wanita Umno rep

Kelantan Wanita Umno chief Rahimah Mohamad says statements by certain Pakatan Harapan leaders have insulted the Malays.

KUALA LUMPUR: A Wanita Umno representative says Malay women can no longer stand watching the Malay people continue to be insulted and dishonoured in their own country.

Kelantan Wanita Umno chief Rahimah Mohamad said they could not endure watching the children that they bore “stepped on” and maligned.

Rahimah said Wanita Umno could not believe the statements released by certain Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders that incited racial tension and insulted the Malay people.

“The deputy agriculture minister said Malays were like Bangladeshis,” she said at the Umno general assembly at Putra World Trade Centre here today. .

“Kula (Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran) said Malays were immigrants and that Indians were the original citizens of Tanah Melayu.” (He later said he was quoted out of context.).

Rahimah stressed that Umno’s presence as a political party and the women’s wing were important in untangling the current political “crisis” in the nation.

“As long as Wanita (Umno) is here, the Malays will not be discarded. Umno will never disappear,” she said.

She also urged the leadership to resolve its weaknesses immediately to better prepare for the Kimanis by-election, saying Umno was afflicted by a tribal mentality that has led to a “party within the party”.