Youth members taking advantage of my forgiving nature, says Anwar

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim at the press conference after opening the party congress at the Melaka International Trade Centre today. On the right is PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil.

AYER KEROH: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim says the PKR Youth members involved in brawls at the wing’s congress yesterday would not have dared cause trouble had he been known to be “very tough”.

At a press conference following the opening of the PKR congress at the Melaka International Trade Centre today, Anwar said he is known for being conciliatory and forgiving, and perhaps this led to people thinking they could become their “taikos”.

“Had I been known to be very tough, I don’t think they would have dared. We should sack most of them, the perpetrators,” he said.

He was commenting on the scuffles at yesterday’s youth wing congress which saw two groups of youth members trading blows, leaving at least two people requiring medical attention.

He said such issues had led to the growth of factionalism and hatred among members.

“Enough is enough,” he said.

Yesterday, Anwar had said he wanted those involved in the brawls to be sacked.

At today’s press conference, he said he was optimistic about party loyalty, noting that despite yesterday’s troubles, youth leaders from the two different “blocs” attended today’s congress.

He said the message from the congress so far was clear — that members wanted the party to go back to focusing on issues of development and the people.

On the government’s Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, Anwar said he was more concerned about practical solutions, noting that past plans and policies, though well-intended, had not been effective.

“Even Najib’s (former prime minister Najib Razak) TN50 plan, if read objectively, is not a bad proposal, but then the fault lies not only in the details but also the effectiveness of implementation as well as the concept. It is tied to the present system which is too much in favour of the rich and the conglomerates.”

So, he said, he was more concerned about the practicalities of the Shared Prosperity Vision plan and this have to be translated into the 12th Malaysia Plan.