PKR Youth chief blasts ‘pretenders’ in party

PKR Youth chief Akmal Nasir says the hypocrisy of the pretenders will eventually be exposed. (Bernama pic)

AYER KEROH: PKR Youth chief Akmal Nasir has lashed out at “pretenders” in the party, citing the examples of an activist turned elected representative and a minister with a fake degree.

In his wrapping-up speech at the PKR national congress here today, Akmal spoke of pretenders who appeared to be part of a struggle but were really taking advantage of it and seeking profits.

“They act like they are busy but do not work, they act calm but they keep attacking, they act like fighters but they are traitors,” he said, without naming anyone.

The hypocrisy of the pretenders, he said, will eventually be exposed.

“Does this attitude of pretending exist in the party? There are those who look like human rights activists but when they become a YB, they are busy following their political master around with no principles or direction.”

Akmal also cited the example of those who appeared to be looking after the needs of the poor but were really enriching themselves.

“There is a minister who likes to show off, instructing people around, but the education certificate is fake,” he alleged.

He said other pretenders included those who claimed to be peacemakers but were really splitting the party, and those who prided themselves in being elected leaders but did not attend meetings.

These pretenders should not be allowed to represent the members, he said, adding that the people would get angry when they realised that they had been played out and used.

Akmal said he would also be proposing that PKR drop its youth leaders who did not attend meetings.

On the brawls at the youth congress on Friday, he said he had received information through a text message that troublemakers had planned to lock the doors of the hall and call for a vote of no confidence against him.

“I will be submitting this evidence to the police for them to investigate,” he said.