Youngsters demanding more drugs for New Year parties, says ex-pusher

Demand for ecstasy pills would spike ahead of concerts or music festivals, according to a former dealer.

PETALING JAYA: Thrill-seeking teenagers at parties over the New Year are opting for Molly, the current drug of choice, according to a former “pusher”.

For the uninitiated, Molly is more scientifically known as 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Or ecstasy. Or simply E.

“It’s cheaper than cocaine,” Timothy (not his real name), who says he has now turned over a new leaf, told FMT.

According to him, the drug usually comes as a pill or powder.

Timothy warned against buying locally produced Molly as it may be laced with a harmful cocktail of other drugs such as ketamine.

Because of this, he got his supply through the dark web, from the Netherlands or the UK, as such countries produce purer forms of the chemical.

The batches were delivered to him in vitamin bottles.

“To be honest, I don’t know if customs even checks the packages,” he said.

Reuters pic.

He would typically receive a supply of 20 to 25 grammes worth of MDMA powder which he then repackaged into smaller sachets of varying doses.

The lowest dose was 0.08 of a gramme and the highest, 0.25.

Molly is commonly taken when partying and at raves. The desired effects include altered sensations, increased energy, intense empathy, and heightened pleasure.

Timothy, 22, was a dealer for close to three years.

He would usually sell out his New Year supply a week before the actual night.

In his experience, this was exceptional.

“Demand is unpredictable. Sometimes nobody buys for a week. Sometimes I sell a week’s supply in a day.”

He claims in a good month he can easily make RM2,000 profit a week.

Demand would spike if there were upcoming concerts or music festivals, where his customers flocked for the drug.

He remembered keeping a list of trusted clientele and maintaining a strict “no high-schoolers” policy.

One of the risks of his past career was the ever-present danger of falling foul of the law.

“I’ve been caught once but luckily only with 1 gramme of MDMA. That showed that I was more likely a consumer than a distributor,” he said.

“I had to pay a certain amount of money to get released,” said Timothy, but refused to go into details.

The experience made him more careful.

But the profit margins were high enough to keep him in business regardless of the risks.

With demand guaranteed and supply sorted, Molly would have roamed the city streets during last night’s celebrations.