Matta plans to sue Mata for using its good name and goodwill

Matta has asked Mata to issue a public apology and warns of legal action if it fails to do so.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents’ acronym Matta is well-known for its annual travel fairs.

However, Matta now appears to have a rival with a similar sounding acronym, Mata.

The acronym Mata, used by the Malaysia Association Tour Agency (Persatuan Agensi Pelancong Malaysia), has irked the well-established Matta, no thanks to the confusion these homophones have created in the marketplace.

Matta secretary-general Nigel Wong, in a statement today, said that Matta will take legal action against the newly-registered Mata.

It has issued a letter of demand claiming Mata has infringed on its trademark, caused misrepresentation and has deliberately used Matta’s name and goodwill.

“We have demanded that Mata cease using the infringing mark and infringing name.

“We have also demanded a public apology to be published in leading national newspapers, failing which Matta will instruct its solicitors to commence legal proceedings without any further delay,” he said.

Wong said Matta is also seeking an explanation from the Registrar of Societies (RoS) on the approval for Mata’s registration.

He said this was because RoS recorded that five of the founders and current office bearers of Mata are also the current office bearers of Persatuan Agensi Pelancongan Umrah dan Haji (Papuh), and two from the Malaysia Tourism Council.

“On Sept 11, 2014, Matta held an extraordinary general meeting which voted overwhelmingly to expel all five of the aforementioned office bearers for causing moral and material damage to Matta,” he added.

At present, the 45-year-old Matta has a membership of more than 3,600, comprising travel agencies and tour operators licensed under the tourism, arts, and culture ministry.