Stop Umno from ruling Sabah again

Upko president Wilfred Madius Tangau (third from right) with supporters at the nomination centre for the Kimanis by-election today. (Facebook pic)

KIMANIS: Upko president Wilfred Madius Tangau said Sabahans have had enough of being under the control of peninsula-based parties.

He said the politics of PAS and Umno had been rejected as they were not attuned to the harmonious lifestyle of Sabahans.

“We already know how Barisan Nasional treated us. Look at how Sarawak is progressing now.

“It is the Sarawak parties that are administering the state. Today, Sarawak is far more developed than Sabah.

“This is because the Sarawakians make their own decisions and are not restricted by Kuala Lumpur,” he said at a Christmas and New Year party in Membakut here today.

Upko is a party aligned to the Warisan-Pakatan Harapan ruling coalition.

Tangau said self-determination is long overdue for Sabahans and thus Kimanis folk need to work with others to stop Umno from ruling over Sabah.

Tangau also took a swipe at his former colleagues in PBS for still supporting Umno, the dominant party in BN.

“If you are out of BN, then you are already out. Why do you still want to support BN?”

More than 3,000 Membakut folk turned up for the celebrations held after the nomination process for the Kimanis by-election.

The 29,664 Kimanis voters will vote in a new MP in the Jan 18 by-election. The by-election follows a declaration by the Federal Court that the 14th general election poll result was null and void.

Warisan is fielding Karim Bujang while Sabah Umno is fielding former Bongawan rep Mohamad Alamin.