Tense moments outside Kimanis by-election nomination centre

Light strike force personnel stand by in front of BN/Umno supporters near the nomination centre this morning.

BEAUFORT: The situation was tense at the Kimanis by-election nominations this morning when party supporters from Warisan and Barisan Nasional came close outside the nomination hall gates.

Light strike force personnel were called in to control the situation.

Both sides shouted loudly, with BN supporters calling Warisan supporters “Penipu” (liars) and shouting “PSS”. The name calling refers to the BN’s accusation against the Warisan-PH-Upko failure to deliver on their election manifesto and the controversial Temporary Sabah Pass or Pas Sabah Sementara.

The PSS is a document the ruling PH federal government plans to issue to 136,055 migrants who hold the IMM13, Surat burung-Burung and the Census Slip in an effort to resolve the migrant issue in Sabah.

Warisan supporters, meanwhile, responded by singing the Sabah anthem.

The hundreds of party supporters from both sides became animated as they started to march to accompany their party’s candidates to the Dewan Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Dun Banir, where the nominations were being held.

Warisan is fielding former assemblyman Karim Bujang while Sabah BN/Umno is fielding Mohamad Alamin, also a former state assemblyman.

Warisan president Mohd Shafie Apdal had earlier told his party supporters not to provoke the other side. He was also seen pulling the “do not cross line” while instructing the police to control the situation.

“Please do not provoke them. Don’t start a fight,” Shafie was heard saying to Warisan supporters, who consisted largely of the party’s youth movement.

The BN supporters could be seen holding banners with the slogan Anak muda melawan, ada lagi penipu” while urging Warisan members to swing over and support BN.

The Kimanis by-election is being held following the Federal Court’s decision to uphold the election court ruling declaring the victory of Anifah Aman, then of the BN, in the general election null and void.

A total of 29,664 Kimanis folk are eligible to vote for a new MP on Jan 18.