MP says UniMAP chief must be sacked over exam paper

Klang MP Charles Santiago said UniMAP vice-chancellor R Badlishah Ahmad should be dismissed.

PETALING JAYA: Klang MP Charles Santiago has called for the sacking of Universiti Malaysia Perlis vice-chancellor R Badlishah Ahmad, who had defended controversial questions in an Ethnic Relations examination paper.

Santiago said Badlishah should have apologised instead of defending the questions.

He accused the vice-chancellor of showing his arrogance by saying the questions had been taken out of context when they came under public criticism.

“It’s ironic that the questions under ‘Challenges of Ethnic Relations and Current Issues’ actually create an even bigger crisis.

“The university’s vice-chancellor shouldn’t be holding the position any more because learning institutions must propagate unity and not division,” Santiago told FMT.

He said the panel of academics who approved the questions should also be dismissed and held accountable. The university’s accreditation should also be reviewed or withdrawn if necessary.

Badlishah had said the questions had gone viral because it was taken out of context of the teaching and learning objectives of the Ethnic Relations course. He said that the questions had been subjected to the proper academic procedures before they were used.

He also said the questions were in line with the topic of the exam paper, “Challenges of Ethnic Relations and Current Issues”, and that the course was meant to create a Malaysian society based on “Malaysia’s own mould”.

One of the questions in the exam paper appeared to praise controversial Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik as an Islamic “icon”. Santiago also said there were two other questions that were offensive to the Indian community and those who were opposed to the introduction of Jawi in schools.