We want to fight real crime but politicians wasting our time, says top cop

Abdul Hamid Bador says the police force is bogged down by politically charged cases.

KUALA LUMPUR: Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador is frustrated that his men are frequently bogged down by politically charged cases rather than catching criminals.

Speaking to the press after meeting senior department heads to discuss the police’s goals for the year 2020, Hamid said officers often found themselves wasting time investigating matters related to political parties.

“I appeal to all members of political parties and their leaders to understand the dynamics of the country with its various races and religions and use this for our strength,” he told a media conference in Bukit Aman.

“If they use their wisdom, there is nothing they cannot solve. These issues are hurting the country. It’s wasting my time and my men’s time.”

Hamid said police should be focusing on catching criminals and drug pushers, and not on “petty issues”.

Meanwhile, Hamid said improving the force’s integrity would be his main target this year, adding that it would solve half of the police’s problems.