Cockroaches crawl out of wall at famous nasi kandar shop’s kitchen

A city council health inspector pointing to a hole in the wall where cockroaches were hiding in the kitchen of a nasi kandar restaurant in George Town, Penang. (MBPP pic)

GEORGE TOWN: A nasi kandar restaurant popular with out-of-towners was sealed off by health inspectors after they found cockroaches as well as rat droppings and urine on the premises.

A cockroach nest was found in a crevice in a cracked wall tile directly next to where meals were being prepared in the kitchen.

The health inspectors from the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) also found a large quantity of rat droppings and urine stains where utensils, plates and other items were kept.

A close-up of the hole in the wall. (MBPP pic)

Other violations included overcrowding a refrigerator, which can lead to increased contamination risks.

The restaurant, along with two popular spice trading shops nearby, were ordered to be shut down for 14 days and to clean up.

Health inspectors checking a freezer. (MBPP pic)

They will only be allowed to open if sanitary conditions improve.

The order for closure, from Jan 8-21, was given by MBPP during its health operations at 8 last night, with notices affixed to the front doors.