8-month-old girl with swollen head passes away

Baby Nur Syifaa Auni was so strong, says her mother Safia Nasir.

PETALING JAYA: An eight-month-old baby who suffered from hydrocephalus, a condition which caused her head to swell, has passed away.

Nur Syifaa Auni, who had suffered from the condition since she was in her mother’s womb, died on Friday.

Her condition meant she only had eyelids and an underdeveloped nose and mouth, while the buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain caused her to swell up to 7kg at one point.

Syifaa’s mother, Safia Nasir, told FMT her baby was buried at the USJ22 Muslim cemetery in Subang Jaya on Saturday morning. FMT Ohsem had covered Syifaa’s story in June last year.

“We knew she would be leaving, so my husband and I were prepared for what was coming.

“Syifaa was so strong because she lasted longer compared to some other babies, alhamdulillah,” she said.

Safia said her daughter was normal except for some blood discharge around her eyes and mouth three days earlier.

“On Friday, I heard her crying in pain and not moving, so I called my husband who was on his way home at the time. We brought her to the hospital and they confirmed that she had passed away.”

Last year, Syifaa received syawal donations from the NGO MyMahu, whose members had started a collection to help the family.