‘Clean’ ex-Umno members can contest PPBM polls, says Dr M

PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad at a press conference today.

HULU SELANGOR: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said former Umno members now in PPBM who are free of any “criminal acts” will be allowed to contest in PPBM polls.

“We will allow those not involved in criminal acts,” he said. “If they are bankrupt, they cannot (contest),” he added.

Mahathir appeared to suggest that some who have been members for less than a year might be allowed to contest.

“By right (those with less than a year) should not be allowed, but there will be some exceptions,” he said.

Asked at a press conference today about the postponement of PPBM branch and division elections to Jan 26, Mahathir said the party had to streamline the details of members’ registrations.

“Registration of members is all over the place. We find members are in one place and registration at another place,” he said, adding that this was causing a lot of difficulties.

PPBM branch and division elections had been scheduled for today.

Mahathir said members holding positions in the party are expected to campaign. “That we will not prevent but we hope those contesting are those who are really eager,” he said, adding that contenders should not be those merely seeking an opportunity to hold positions.

“We won’t give in to such people,” he added.

Asked if a special committee will be set up to check on the background of those contesting the PPBM polls, Mahathir said background checks would be conducted.

PPBM divisions will hold their annual meetings on April 4. Anyone who has been a member for one year or more can contest the party elections.

PPBM currently had 377,057 members in 2,946 branches.