Don’t clog up lockups with minor cases, IGP tells police

The Inspector-General of Police says holding suspects in lockups involves a lot of logistics. (File pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Police officers have been instructed to deal with minor cases quickly and avoid filling up lockups by holding suspects in remand, the Inspector-General of Police said today.

Abdul Hamid Bador said that the instruction applied not only to drug cases.

“If these cases can be settled in a few hours, do it and release the suspects on police bail. Don’t fill up the lockups.

“There is a lot of logistics involved (in handling suspects in lock-ups), from providing food to making sure there are guards.”

The police force should stop “the old ways of remanding people for three days and leaving them in lockup without doing anything…. and then on the third day, only then do we take their statements”.

Hamid said: “This is the old way. I encourage that the investigations be settled as soon as possible.”

His remarks were made at a press conference at which he confirmed the arrest of 17 people in a drugs raid at a condominium in Puchong. He refused to speak about speculation that a PPBM state assemblyman in Selangor was among those taken in.

Hamid said 16 of the 17 people in last night’s raid were released on police bail.

He noted that he would not allow any meddling in the case and that Narcotics CID director Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd would be overseeing the case.