Police to seize more Jho Low assets worth millions

In March last year, police seized the Low family home in Penang which was held in his mother’s name.

KUALA LUMPUR: Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador today said his team has found new properties worth millions believed to belong to fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho and his family.

While he has been unable to bring Low back to the country to face justice, Hamid said he would not give up, as the businessman’s assets represent monies stolen from the country.

Low, better known as Jho Low, is the alleged mastermind of a multi-billion dollar theft from 1MDB.

“Like I said in the past, this is a big robbery which hurt the country. I hear he still has billions under his control.

“Recently, in our efforts to trace his family’s assets, we have come across several of his properties in Malaysia which are worth millions. We are in the process of seizing them.

“This is your money, this is my money. This is all our money. We want every single sen back,” he said at a press conference at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman

US authorities have brought 30 forfeiture lawsuits seeking assets worth US$1.7 billion belonging to Low and his accomplices.

Last week, in an email interview with The Straits Times newspaper in Singapore, Low said he did not want to return to face charges related to the 1MDB scandal as he feared for his safety and did not trust the justice system.

However, Hamid dismissed the businessman’s allegation and said he would personally guarantee Low’s safety.

“Don’t say that our judicial system is not good (or) the police will abuse you. You will have the right to defend yourself with the best lawyers in the world,” he said.